Basement Compressed Air Plumbing


I recently added compressed air plumbing to my basement's "shop". The "shop" is adjoining to the garage, obviously on a lower level than the garage. A rubber hose leads from the Homemade Air Manifold (see its picture here also), to the "bulkhead fitting" (pictured) that I TIG welded. Inside the basement, it is just 1/4" NPT plumbing (pictured). I used regular teflon tape for sealing.

The plumbing includes a shutoff valve near the Homemade Air Manifold (see its picture here also), which is in the garage next to the Curtis Compressor, a filter and regulator by Wilkerson ($5 local eBay purchase), and a pressure gauge by Westward (ditto).

I am also including a picture of the Lectroetch AM-15C electric etcher that has a air motor for automatic operation, which I wanted to power with this air setup.

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basement plumbing
basement plumbing closeup
bulkhead fitting
Garage air distribution overall view
Compressed air manifold
Lectroetch Am-15C Etcher powered by compressed air
(basement) Local eBay purchase for $3.75.