Water Slide 2.0


This is what I call "Water Slide 2.0". The reason for this is that four years ago I built a smaller water slide. Since then, the kids have become bigger, needing greater height, the adults have become fatter, needing stronger construction, and the old water slide started to rot. The water slide is made from wood, but unlike the old one, it features railings made from schedule 80 3/4" pipe. The choice of pipe diameter and schedule for the railings, was dictated by the fact that I already had plenty of such pipe. For slide supports, I used 1" Schedule 40 pipe. Bending the pipes was easy to do, once I got them red hot in my gas forge.All steel joints are welded with 6013 stick electrodes. The slope of the slide is adjustable, as you can see the T shaped support of the slide (it swivels, shown standing on cinderblocks) is meant to be extended to proper length with a 1" pipe extension.

Welding railings provided several lessons on pipe fitting.

The paint job is not completed, as I ran out of paint on Sunday evening. The wood will be painted after the steel.

The swiveling support's top part (above the cinderblocks) had to be bored out to fit on the smaller diameter pipe.

The green object behind the slide is my Brobo Super250 Cold Saw.

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