Homemade TIG torch cooler using a Carbonator pump


These are self explanatory photos of my TIG torch cooler for my Hobart Cyber TIG.

I made this cooler from a Rubbermaid storage container and a used carbonator pump (for soda fountains) that I bought on ebay for $46.

I used a Blissfield condenser coil and a salvaged equipment fan to cool water further. I have many such Blissfield coils for sale, in new condition. Write to ichudov AT yahoo DOT com.

What's interesting about this is that the pump only comes on when it is needed. My welder has several 24VDC terminals with signals for various states of it. I wired the pump so that it runs from the beginning of preflow until the end of postflow.

I am using a solid state relay to make 24VDC signal turn on the 110VAC pump. I rewired one receptacle (out of 2) so that the WATER labeled receptacle only comes up when it is necessary to run the water pump. The other receptacle (you can see it is labeled ACCESSORY) is always on when the welder is on.

Due to having carpet between the pump and rubbermaid container (thanks Gunner) the pump is relatively quiet and does not move ("dance", or "walk") while running.

I am planning to add a pressure relief valve to it, later.

Also note that the solid state relay is not mounted on a heatsink. This is a 30 amp relay and it only carries 2 or so amps. So I hope that it would not overheat.

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