How I painted a Famco 3R Arbor Press


This press, when I bought it after answering a Craigslist ad, looked as bad as you could imagine. About 3/4 of paint was flaking off, looking like a dirty pig's body hair. I think that this is a result of a bad spray paint job a few decades ago. Besides that, however, it was in a good condition.

To clean it up, I used a cup brush mounted on an angle grinder, and for hard to reach areas, an air powered abrasive blast gun.

Here's the link to Famco's press page. Data: Press #3-R, Diameter of work 15 inches, Capacity over table 12.5 inches, capacity over plate 11.5 inches, Leverage 60-1, Tons pressure approx. 4, Height 21.5 inches. Bolster plate A3-05. $132.30.

For the primer, I used McMaster's "cold galvanizing" paint with 94% of zinc by weight. On top of it, I used a "John Deer Green" oil paint.

I also added the red handle that you see on the end of the lever, it had a 3/8 NC thread that I drilled and tapped in the extension bar. Besides that, I milled a groove in the tooth that ratchets, to make lifting it up easier to do with a thumb.

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