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Extravagantly complex and yet brilliantly simple, chess is a game riddled with millions of puzzles. With every move, the amount of strategy increases exponentially, and our human mind searches for a path through this ocean of possibilities. The way each person navigates through a game is completely unique to how they perceive the chessboard. Chess is a beautiful representation of one's consciousness on a physical plane. By examining our games, we can observe our strengths and weaknesses, and through careful study we can improve our strategies and change our perception of the board and possibly life.

Chess is a very important part of my life, and InstantChess.Com provides me with an irreplaceable service; I type in my name, press enter, and am instantly placed in a game. The board is easy to see, pieces are recognizable, and service is very fast. Other online providers that I have tried can be very frustrating; one must try dozens of different tables in order to find an actual game. Moreover, InstantChess.Com works more reliably on my computer than other providers. And I always prefer to support a small business than a multibillion dollar corporation that offers chess to advertise its corporate products.

-Max Perhunkov

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