My Approach to Dieting, Weight Loss, and lifestyle

It can be briefly summarized as moving to a more natural lifestyle. I walk to train instead of driving and walk no less than 1 hr 40 minutes per day. I do not eat anything sweetened, any junk and packaged food. No eating after 6. Eating defined portions every meal. Weightlifting. Eating a little bit less carbs and a little more protein and good fats, but I am not doing atkins or any other radical low carb diet.
Controlling how much I eat is a major part of my weight maintenance plan. No matter what I do, I have to limit my total calories eatcen or else I regain weight. So I found that a certain quantity of food is about right for maintaining weight, and I eat that quantity every day.
I do not take supplements. I also bake my own sourdough bread.