Onan 20kw Generator 20.0DL4 15R


This is my Onan 20kw Generator 20.0DL4-15R.

     Engine Onan/Cummins L423D I 10198B
            Serial C843771372 (1984)
            RPM 1800
            Timing 19
            Lube Capacity 5.7L
            Injection Pump: Stanadyne Roosa Master DB2-4086 Model 4324495 
     Muffler Burgess-Manning silencer, BEO-2 1/2 (see brochure),
             Coding AP-4-34 P/N 52-168-0

Some links: Article on Roosa-Master DB2 pump, Stanadyne Roosa Master Manual PDF, YouTube video on Onan L23D engine (by yours truly), more pictures of L423D engine (by yours truly, from another project). Also you can see my older Onan DJE generator, which I since sold.

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Adobe PDF Document Document: BEO.pdf