Powermatic 1200 Drill Press


This is a Morse Taper 3 drill press called Powermatic 1200, or Powermatic/Houdaille 1200. According to Powermatic, it was made in 1974.

I would estimate its weight to be 600-700 lbs. It is equipped with a 1 HP, 1140 RPM, 3 phase motor, which makes it very suitable for drilling metal. See a link below for its manual in PDF format. The table is approximately 20 by 20 inches. The spindle, as I mentioned, is MT3.

The first set of pictures shows it at the factory. It was moved for me by the machinery movers of Addison. The pictures were taken by the auctioneer. The second set of pictures describes taking it downstairs. The next thing I had to do is shown in the drill press VFD installation page.

(Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge)

Adobe PDF Document Document: Powermatic-1200-Drill-Press-Manual.pdf